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With Unlim Car Detailing


From €1200

(+ VAT) — 3- 4 Days. Includes Level 2

Level 3 - Correction Detail

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination


• Paint thickness is measured using an ultrasonic paint depth gauge.

• Various lighting is used to establish the condition of the paintwork.

• Paintwork is treated to a three stage paint correction process to eliminate defects including medium swirl marks and holograms. Panels are alcohol wiped after every stage to ensure true correction. Exhaust tips are rejuvenated with specially designed metal compounds. Glass is treated with nano polish.

• One layer of the highest grade and most expensive carnauba wax is applied to the paint surface. This wax is created with over 76% of pure ivory grade one North Brazilian carnauba wax by volume.

• Carnauba wheel wax, enhanced with PTF-E, is applied to enhance the look and feel of the wheels while repelling dirt, road salt and brake dust.

• Windscreen is treated with rain repellent coating, which chemically bonds with the glass to provide unrivalled durability.


Carpets are shampooed if necessary and dried using a wet suction vacuum cleaner. Specifically designed Alcantara cleaner is applied to revive the Alcantara fibres. All leather surfaces are cleansed and protected. Air vents, button surrounds and fascia are cleaned using specialised brushes.

Why choose the Level 3 Correction Detail?

This is our used car level paint correction detail, which would remove medium imperfections including swirls/scratches in the clearcoat/topcoat of the paint. This process results in 80% to 95% ‘correction factor’, it does not, however, remove any scratches that have gone all the way through the paint. We finish the treatment with an organic wax to seal if applicable.

The Level 3 Detail also includes a thorough rejuvenation of all chromatic and metal elements, e.g. the exhaust tips, door shuts, light and air clusters, washing of the interior and deodorisation, leather protection, nano polish of the glass inside and out, and more.

This process is designed to bring out the best of a used car, getting the life back into the paintwork and looking as new as it possibly could!

As new cars roll off production lines, a transparent layer of paint protection (clear coat) is applied by vehicle manufacturers. However, over buffing by car dealerships can compromise clear coats. Clear coat thicknesses can also measure just 1.5 millimeters.

To improve car paint protection post purchase, ClearBra complements clear coats with superior strength, 180 microns poly-urethane protective films. After installation, ClearBra sheeting eliminates risks associated with premature vehicle rusting, and everyday paintwork wear and tear.


The preferred choice among car detailers, ClearBra protects, restores, and adds a finish to car paintwork which adds years to vehicle lifetimes.

A ClearBra paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent poly-urethane coat with superior strength and durability to other clear coat products.

Coats can be applied at home. However, for best results, a visit to a professional car detailer is recommended as Unproper installation can damage or kill the paintwork.


The adverse effects of environmental wear and tear on car paintwork can’t be underestimated. Thankfully, ClearBra transparent poly-urethane film provides above adequate protection from all common pollutants and paint abrasives.

Poly-urethane is a versatile material used to manufacture everything from rollercoaster track wheels to synthetic fabrics. When used in a ClearBra car clear coat, elastomers in ClearBra film provide resistance to paint abrasions, temperature extremes, and acidic environmental pollutants like bird droppings.

See our pricing table above. The cost of an application is determined by the size of your vehicle, whether additional preparation, decontamination or cut-polishing is required, and which ceramic coating product is being applied. Because the condition of every vehicle is different, you must book an inspection appointment before we can make a recommendation and provide a firm estimate. The price tables above serve as a close approximation of costs.



Bird droppings and bug splats don’t just look unsightly. Over time, acidic components in stains can dull and even destroy car paintwork. ClearBra, therefore, provides a protective poly-urethane shield which makes this impossible.



Winter road salt and loose asphalt can chip car paintwork and expedite corrosion of car bodywork. This is especially true when vehicles are driven off-road or on unsealed roads. Thankfully, the superior thickness of ClearBra protective film can adequately protect against all common chips and scratches.



Cold winter weather can cause car bodywork to expand and contract slightly. Air pollutants like car exhaust can also cause unprotected car paint to dull, stain, and blister. Thankfully, ClearBra guards against all pollutants and weather extremes, by sealing paint under a flexible, protective layer of transparent film.

Our detailing clients frequently ask us whether we can apply ceramic coating over clear bra. The answer is “Yes”. Our Munchen paint protection film specialists have extensive experience working with clear bra PPF and ceramic coating applications.

By combining coating and PPF, you up the paint protection and “Wow!” factors quite dramatically. You may be wondering why the application isn’t done the other way around (clear bra over ceramic coating). If clear bra is placed on top of ceramic coating, you won’t get the hydrophobic properties of the coating and drastically diminish its reflective properties. There is also a concern that the clear bra adhesive won’t properly adhere to the super slick surface of the ceramic coating. By applying ceramic coating  on top of clear bra, the effectiveness of both products remains fully intact.

While there is some crossover in the paint protection you get from clear bra and ceramic coating, they do have different qualities.

Both ceramic coating and clear bra products prevent chemical staining, acid etching, hard water spots, swirl marks and spider webbing (fine radial scratches from washing, hand drying or buffing), oxidation and fading.

Clear bra also prevents paint chips, resists scratches, and is self-healing.

Ceramic coating has superior hydrophobic properties and leaves a mirror-like ultra-gloss finish that cannot be achieved with clear bra alone. Ceramic coating does not prevent rock chips as some sellers claim.

The following are the main reasons you may want to apply ceramic coating over paint protection film:

  • You want to double the protection from everyday contaminants, swirl marks and oxidation, rock chip protection from clear bra, and, the hydrophobic properties and gleaming finish of ceramic coating.
  • You already have clear bra installed on your car but want to increase the hydrophobic properties and glossiness.
  • You have partial clear bra (front only for instance) and don’t want to PPF your entire vehicle. You can add ceramic coating over top, which will increase the protection of the front end, while providing excellent protection for the rest of the car. The entire vehicle will be hydrophobic and extremely glossy.

For vehicles that have no PPF film or coating:

  • Decontaminate all painted surfaces.
  • Hand wash and allow to dry.
  • 1 or 2 cuts of compound depending on the extent and depth of surface damage and the thickness of the existing factory coating.
  • Clean and dry the surface ensuring it is free of debris and dust.
  • Apply clear bra and allow to set for 48 hours.
  • Wipe down the clear bra of any dust.
  • Apply ceramic coating and allow to cure for 2 weeks before washing.

For vehicles that already have full or partial PPF:

  • Hand wash and dry the vehicle finish.
  • Decontaminate the unprotected surfaces.
  • 1 or 2 cuts of compound for the unprotected surface as required.
  • Reclean and dry the surface ensuring it is free of debris and dust.
  • Apply ceramic coating over the entire vehicle, including the clear bra.
  • Allow the ceramic coating to cure for 2 weeks before washing.


Unlim in Munchen are fully authorized vendors and installers of all ClearBra PPF products. We offer same-day professional installation of protective ClearBra film to vehicle owners in Munchen, Richmond, and anywhere in Lower Mainland. We can also safely remove existing films, and offer customers a choice between glossy, matte, or satin finishes. A clean, glean, visibly scratch-free car, retains its value for longer and helps Munchen drivers save on future vehicle detailing and paint correction. To inquire about ClearBra for your car, call or contact our team today.



In the car graphics below, the areas in red indicate coverage area, not colour. Paint protection film comes is transparent and can have either a gloss or matte finish.


  • Covers half hood.
  • Covers half fenders.
  • Covers mirrors.
  • Front bumper.


  • Covers full hood.
  • Covers full fenders.
  • Covers mirrors.
  • Front bumper.
  • Headlights


  • Covers full vehicle.


Fahrzeuge sind nicht wie Gemälde in einem Museum, die ihren Zweck in einer kontrollierten und sicheren Umgebung erfüllen. Sie sind vielfältigen Arten von Umweltangriffen ausgesetzt, wie beispielsweise alltäglicher Verschmutzung, Absonderungen von Insekten, Vögeln und ultravioletter Strahlung.


Darüber hinaus schädigen unsachgemäße Waschmethoden mit aggressiven Substanzen die Farbe und nehmen ihr ihren ursprünglichen Glanz. Sowohl für Neuwagen, als auch für Fahrzeuge mit Laufleistung bieten wir ein allumfassendes Spektrum der Aufbereitung.


Mit Begeisterung arbeiten wir auch mit Retro-Fahrzeugen und Motorrädern und bereiten diese gerne auch für den Messeeinsatz vor. Wir verstehen unsere Arbeit als eine Kunstform.


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