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With Unlim Car Detailing


AB 350 €*

* Zuzüglich gesetzlicher Mehrwertsteuer

Программа 1

Полировка и воск

Объем работы:
— бесконтактная мойка специальным составом
— ручная мойка кузова авто-шампунем;
— химчистка кузова (удаление битума, окислов, смолы растительного происхождения, следов насекомых и прочих пятен, металла)
— химчистка дисков
— химчистка насадок выхлопных труб
— сушка, продувка кузова авто
— подготовка кузова к полировке
— оклейка всех зон риска (резинки)
— устранение шероховатостей глиной
— многошаговая механическая полировка
— продувка всех щелей для устранение остатков полировочной пасты
— обезжиривание кузова
— нанесение воска
— чернение резины

Класс 1
(особо малый)

Fiat 500, Ford Ka, Mini Cooper
  • Полировка
  • Воск

Класс 2

VW Golf, BMW 1, Porsche Boxter
  • Полировка
  • Воск

Класс 3 (средний)

Tesla Model S, BMW 5, Audi A5)
  • Полировка
  • Керамика (2 слоя)

Класс 4 (большой)

Tesla Model X, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne
  • Полировка
  • Керамика (2 слоя)

Ceramic Coating is a permanent, hard, transparent nano-ceramic coating that bonds to your vehicle’s factory finishes — adding a layer of long-lasting protection that will keep it looking newer for longer. It also dramatically reduces the appearance of existing scratches, swirl marks and acid etching from environmental chemicals. An Diamond X application results in an ultra-glossy, low maintenance finish that extends the life of factory paint and finishes.


System X Diamond is much harder than factory clear coats (rated 9H — the hardest available) and protects against common wear and environmental damage that would otherwise cause the deterioration of factory paint layers. Ceramic coating is 100 times thicker than typical wax coatings and much longer lasting. Waxes and paint sealants offer only months of protection and break down over time, requiring frequent re-application. System X Diamond last from 8 years to lifetime and unlike waxes, won’t wash off or wear away. If you want premium finish protection and a flawless high gloss finish that turns heads, then this is the solution for you.

  • Extremely hard, mirror-like finish that car wax cannot provide.
  • Resistance to scratches, swirl marks, chemical and environmental marring or fading.
  • Highly hydrophobic (water repellent) for a dramatic reduction in water staining.
  • Reduction in ongoing vehicle finish maintenance.
  • Extends the life of your factory paint finish and other finishes.
  • Long lasting, no follow-up coats or waxing required.
  • Up to lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

After an System X treatment, your vehicle finishes will require occasional minimal maintenance to keep them looking great. Your car will be easier to wash and clean and follow-up maintenance coatings are not required. Regularly washing your car and doing annual decontamination will help you maintain the gorgeous, pristine finish and keep the warranty on your coating valid.

  • View the Ceramic Coating Car Care Guide.
  • View the System X Warranty.

See our pricing table above. The cost of an application is determined by the size of your vehicle, whether additional preparation, decontamination or cut-polishing is required, and which ceramic coating product is being applied. Because the condition of every vehicle is different, you must book an inspection appointment before we can make a recommendation and provide a firm estimate. The price tables above serve as a close approximation of costs.

«9H» hardness is the highest hardness rating in what is known as the «Pencil Hardness Test» (also known as the «Wolff-Wilborn test»). Clear coat and paint manufacturers test a coating’s scratch resistance by attempting to scratch the coating using increasing degrees of graphite pencil hardness. There are 20 degrees of graphite hardness starting at 9B (the softest), with HB in the middle of the hardness scale, and 9H (the hardest) at the end of the scale.

2-7 layers of System X ceramic coating can be applied, but typically, 2 coats is enough to provide optimal results. Once an optimal result is achieved, additional layers provide no further benefit. Adding many layers of coating is often used as a marketing gimmick, because some consumers assume that more of a good thing must be better. The vehicle owner doesn’t realize they are paying for coating layers that they don’t really need.

System X Pro and System X Diamond take 2-3 days to complete.

You will not need to wax your car after an application. All that is required is car washing (hand washing is recommended) and a recommended once-yearly decontamination. Follow the System X maintenance program to ensure your warranty remains valid.

Ceramic coating is appropriate for any vehicle regardless of the make or model. Although we provide ceramic coating services for a broad range of vehicle types, such as compacts, mid-size family cars, vans and SUVs, we specialize in providing premier coating services to owners of luxury and exotic vehicles, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Porsche, Tesla, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Bentley and more.

Unlim is located in Munchen but many of our customers travel from all over the Lower Mainland to receive our ceramic coating services. Most of our customers come from Munchen, but some travel from far-away for our signature coating and detailing services.

Unlim Detailing
By appointment only.
Moosacher Str. 2a,
Munchen Germany 80809.
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Fahrzeuge sind nicht wie Gemälde in einem Museum, die ihren Zweck in einer  kontrollierten und sicheren Umgebung erfüllen. Sie sind vielfältigen Arten von Umweltangriffen ausgesetzt, wie beispielsweise alltäglicher Verschmutzung, Absonderungen von Insekten, Vögeln und ultravioletter Strahlung.

Darüber hinaus schädigen unsachgemäße Waschmethoden mit aggressiven Substanzen die Farbe und nehmen ihr ihren ursprünglichen Glanz. Sowohl für Neuwagen, als auch für Fahrzeuge mit Laufleistung bieten wir ein allumfassendes Spektrum der Aufbereitung.

Mit Begeisterung arbeiten wir auch mit Retro-Fahrzeugen und Motorrädern und bereiten diese gerne auch für den Messeeinsatz vor. Wir verstehen unsere Arbeit als eine Kunstform.


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