Car & Auto Paint & Clear Coat Polishing In Munchen/ Cut Polish
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With Unlim Car Detailing


From €1200

(+ VAT) — 3- 4 Days. Includes Level 2

Level 3 - Correction Detail

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination


• Paint thickness is measured using an ultrasonic paint depth gauge.

• Various lighting is used to establish the condition of the paintwork.

• Paintwork is treated to a three stage paint correction process to eliminate defects including medium swirl marks and holograms. Panels are alcohol wiped after every stage to ensure true correction. Exhaust tips are rejuvenated with specially designed metal compounds. Glass is treated with nano polish.

• One layer of the highest grade and most expensive carnauba wax is applied to the paint surface. This wax is created with over 76% of pure ivory grade one North Brazilian carnauba wax by volume.

• Carnauba wheel wax, enhanced with PTF-E, is applied to enhance the look and feel of the wheels while repelling dirt, road salt and brake dust.

• Windscreen is treated with rain repellent coating, which chemically bonds with the glass to provide unrivalled durability.


Carpets are shampooed if necessary and dried using a wet suction vacuum cleaner. Specifically designed Alcantara cleaner is applied to revive the Alcantara fibres. All leather surfaces are cleansed and protected. Air vents, button surrounds and fascia are cleaned using specialised brushes.

Why choose the Level 3 Correction Detail?

This is our used car level paint correction detail, which would remove medium imperfections including swirls/scratches in the clearcoat/topcoat of the paint. This process results in 80% to 95% ‘correction factor’, it does not, however, remove any scratches that have gone all the way through the paint. We finish the treatment with an organic wax to seal if applicable.

The Level 3 Detail also includes a thorough rejuvenation of all chromatic and metal elements, e.g. the exhaust tips, door shuts, light and air clusters, washing of the interior and deodorisation, leather protection, nano polish of the glass inside and out, and more.

This process is designed to bring out the best of a used car, getting the life back into the paintwork and looking as new as it possibly could!

Our Munchen car polishing clients frequently ask us what “polishing” means. There are two basic types of polishing: compounding (sometimes referred to as “cut polishing”) and finish polishing. Cut polishing and finish polishing serve two different purposes, although there are many similarities. Unlim Ceramic Coating packages and car detailing packages use both types.

We polish

  • Paint.
  • Metal.
  • Rims and trim.
  • Headlights and tail lights.

In car polishing, the term «compounding» or «cut-polishing» refers to a clear coat and paint correction technique. Your vehicle’s clear coat protects paint, but also becomes scratched, oxidized, faded and dull. These imperfections, if shallow, are embedded in the clear coat. Deeper scratches may be in paint layer itself. Compounding paste or spray — containing microscopic abrasives — is applied to the auto surface and polished with a rotary polisher, removing fine scratches, oxidation, and hazing. This step is done before ceramic coating is applied, and is vital for achieving a flawless, glossy finish.


In exterior detailing, finish polishing, as the name implies, is the final polish application, which is applied after paint correction done. Unlim De uses the best professional products by CARPRO to remove any micro-scratches, swirl marks and minute imperfections. We then finish with Finish polish. The result is a clean, highly-reflective, deep, gloss finish.

  • Keeps your bike performing at its best
  • Protection from damaging contaminants
  • Restores and maintains your bikes shine
  • Improves your bike’s resale value
  • Increases the durability of your bike
  • Keeps your bike dust and grime proof
  • Makes it easier to spot defects and problems before they affect your bike

Unlim de hand detailing procedures offers your bike these and more benefits. Schedule your appointment to experience our exceptional work.

Compounding (also called «cut polishing») uses microscopic abrasives suspended in a paste or spray, which remove microns of clear coat containing scratches, swirl marks, and hazing. «Finish polishing» buffs out remaining micro-scratches, swirl marks, resulting in smooth, slick and glossy surface.

Yes, car polishing will remove swirl marks.

Yes, cut polishing removes light to medium scratches, swirl marks; and, oxidation and hazing from UV rays and chemical pollution. 1 or 2 «cuts» of compounding are usually required. For deeper scratches, more passes of compounding may be applied provided your car has enough clear coat. We have to leave 20 microns of clear coat intact to protect your car’s paint.

Cut polishing and finish polishing are part of our Ceramic Coating and detailing packages. Please refer to those pages for pricing.

When car polishing is part of our Ceramic Coating packages, the process can take 1-3 days. When part of a detailing package, it takes 1/2 day to 1 day.

Polishing is appropriate for any vehicle whether a compact car, family sedan, SUV, van, truck, luxury vehicle or exotic car.

Unlim provides car polishing in our Munchen shop, although our customers come from many areas of the Germanu, including: Munchen, Nurnberg, Stuttgart

Unlim Detailing
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Car polishing is part of Ceramic Coating packages and some detailing packages.


Fahrzeuge sind nicht wie Gemälde in einem Museum, die ihren Zweck in einer kontrollierten und sicheren Umgebung erfüllen. Sie sind vielfältigen Arten von Umweltangriffen ausgesetzt, wie beispielsweise alltäglicher Verschmutzung, Absonderungen von Insekten, Vögeln und ultravioletter Strahlung.


Darüber hinaus schädigen unsachgemäße Waschmethoden mit aggressiven Substanzen die Farbe und nehmen ihr ihren ursprünglichen Glanz. Sowohl für Neuwagen, als auch für Fahrzeuge mit Laufleistung bieten wir ein allumfassendes Spektrum der Aufbereitung.


Mit Begeisterung arbeiten wir auch mit Retro-Fahrzeugen und Motorrädern und bereiten diese gerne auch für den Messeeinsatz vor. Wir verstehen unsere Arbeit als eine Kunstform.


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